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Welcome to our site!  First off, we want to thank you for choosing to shop with us - we know how many choices you have online and it means a lot to us.  

Wolfgang is an independent clothing boutique which originated in Jacksonville, FL in 2001, by Gary, Indiana native, lover of 1950's design and motorcycle enthusiast Curtis Chariton.  In 2003, small town Florida boy, music geek and about to be college grad Matthew Turner joined the team and, instead of becoming the Psychiatrist he intended to be, worked his way up to manager/buyer of the shop.  In early 2007, Curtis and Matthew decided to expand Wolfgang's concept to a new market, landing in Gainesville, FL next to the University of Florida.  Both stores have continued to be leaders in their respective fashion worlds, always giving their customers the best experience possible and delivering some amazing clothing.    

Wolfgang has always been about attention to detail.  We take an extreme amount of care and pride when selecting our merchandise.  Whether it be a beautiful formal dress or a basic tank top, it is always our priority to ensure that the fabric is great, the fit is spot on and, perhaps most importantly, that the garment warrants the price tag.  For us, we realize that trends and brands come and go, and in an ever-changing market, we want to have the best selection for our customers at a price that always makes sense.  

Above all, we are a specialty store, and treating our customers with love and care is our priority.  We appreciate you and are here to help in any way we can.  

Happy shopping!

Curtis Chariton - Owner, Wolfgang Jacksonville
Erin Gibson - Manager, Wolfgang Jacksonville
Matthew Turner - Owner, Wolfgang Gainesville
Brett Kapper - Manager, Wolfgang Gainesville

And our amazing staff:
Kayla, Caylin, Michelle, Kristen, Amy, Danielle, Bethany, Alicia & Kayleigh.  

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